Chai Serenity & Chai Amore

Looking for a little peace in your life? Indulge in our Chai Serenity Tea Latte, specially blended to help you find peace of mind with every cup. Serenity Chai Tea Latte is rich and creamy, made with the finest exotic spices from around the world.

Deliciously dairy-free, Chai Amore is created with the finest imported black and green teas, carefully blended with sweet honey, dairy-free creamers and intoxicating spices from the Far East, including clove, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom. Just add water, and serve hot, iced or frozen. 100% nondairy and lactose-free.


Chai Serenity® and Chai Amore® Tea Latte

Chai Serenity Flavors

Spiced (Joy), Vanilla (Peace), Chocolate (Dream) and Green Tea (Longevity)


Available in 1.25-oz single-serve packets, 12-oz canisters, 3-lb bulk and sample bags

Chai Amore Flavors

East India Spice


Available in 12-oz bags and 3-lb bulk

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