Our Story

Crafting luxury by the cupful since 1895.

More than a century ago, at a ristorante in Bellagio, Italy, our family’s specially crafted caffe d’amore con un bacio, or “coffee of love with a kiss,” first won the hearts of an adoring local clientele.

This sweetly memorable beverage, indulgent both in flavor and in name, inspired the creation of what is now the world’s leading gourmet specialty beverage company, Caffe D’Amore.

Today’s Caffe D’Amore was founded in 1969, in Pasadena, California—some distance from turn-of-the-century Italy, but always close to the Old World heritage that inspired us.

It is this attention to artisanship, quality and flavor that distinguishes Caffe D’Amore’s renowned collection of gourmet beverages and food. For more than four decades, Caffe D’Amore has maintained a global reputation for superior taste and impeccable quality blended with modern-day innovation.

Our award-winning collection of brands includes Bellagio®, Caffe D’Amore®, and Frappe Freeze®. From decadent sipping chocolate to all-natural iced tea, we invite you to taste the tradition of quality in Caffe D’Amore, where passion meets flavor.